How to create a Modern Minimalistic Look

What is minimalistic design and how to achieve it?. How to overcome this urge to fill every space in your home and make it look elegant at the same time?. In this blog we will teach you the fundamental steps to go minimal and create this modern minimal look that every one is looking for 

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links

1- Less is more 

The first thing you want to think about is getting the staple pieces of furniture you want in your space. Write everything you need in a piece of paper, then start deducting items until you are down to two or three essential pieces. Remember, you can always add more, but it’s hard to have more stuff than go over the returns with the retailers, so GO LESS and choose BARE ESSENTIALS

2- Have a Focal Point:

After you have decided what the essential pieces you need for your space are, think about the focal point. AKA, your show stopper or the first thing you want your guest to see when coming in the room. It needs to look unique, elegant, and functional. Take a look at this beautiful velvet sofa in dark blue from Amazon.

3- Complement :

Complement your essential piece with an accent like this beautiful accent chair in light gray to balance the dark blue of the sofa

4- Don’t forget the curtains.

Somehow, it brings the space together and makes it look elegant, especially if it is in a color that complements the dark blue velvet pallette. Check out these beautiful blackout curtains

5- Get a perfectly sized rug.

A good size rug will define your space and make it look elegant and completed. Nothing screams minimalistic more than a subtle abstract rug with colors that go with our chosen pallette.

6– Coffee table:

Always go for a very simple yet elegant design. REMEMBER, Less is more. Check this nesting table in gold finish

7- Accessorize:

You don’t need tons of accessories in your minimalistic look, just two or three jaw-dropping pieces that will give this perfect subtle finish to your space. Thinks this 2 piece table candle holder/ vase

And to finish up, how about some throw pillows ? Not too many, tho 🙂

Now that you have all the pieces you need for a minimal look, try those steps in other areas of your house like your bedroom and see how much effect it will have on your style

Till the next blog 🙂

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