Transform this rental property

(The Designer’s Edition)

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It is the non ending struggle. You move into a rental property that is perfect for your needs (Location is good, Good Commute, Nearby schools for kids, etc.,). There is this thing though. It might be in a rough shape or dated or not functional enough for your daily life or simply doesn’t have the finishes that will complement the home style that you had in mind. I have seen all that before and I am happy to help out with some tips and hacks that will transform this rental property into the home of your dreams without having to spend tons of money on something you don’t own.

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1- Go modular with Furniture

Investing lots of money on furniture that will suit your space is a huge decision. Lets take the sectional sofa as an example. Lots of people fall into the huge mistake of buying a very nice sectional for their rental property and then when they decide to move out, they have to sell it because it won’t fit into the new space or maybe it is something as simple as its a right facing sectional and they need a left facing sectional for the new home.

Furniture manufacturers addressed this need by making what we designers call, the modular furniture. Modular furniture is reversible, adjustable and it can be altered into different layouts to suit your space challenges. I am sure some of you saw the reversable sectional where you can change it from left facing to right facing by just moving the chaise seat. Makes sense?. Check out this mid century reversible sofa from Amazon.

2- Consider peel and stick wallpaper

Wallpaper can transform your space completely in a very good way. No need to spend lots of money repainting this ugly walls so you don’t have to see this pinkish 80’s color every time you step onto your living room. That if we considered that the home owners will even allow you to paint the walls without having it repainted to the previous color before moving out.

Solution: Peel and stick wall paper! Not only its very user friendly and any one with minimal experience can do it, it will be removed so easy without damaging the walls when you decide to move. Bonus, it comes in millions of colors and textures to suit every style. Check out this modern peel and stick wall paper I picked for you from Amazon

3- Add wall panel for a sophisticated budget friendly look

Just like wall paper, wall panels can transform a whole space in minutes to a very stylish modern one. Wall panels come in different shapes and styles to get a specific preferred look for your interior. For this apartment in the picture, I used wall panels for the TV wall to add warmth and texture to the living room. It is very easy to take off and reuse when you move out. Check out the wall panels I used for this interior from Amazon

4- Change those ugly flooring by using peel and stick vinyl tiles

Yup! We all have seen this before. Those heavily textured linoleum flooring in the kitchen and washroom that you can’t take your eyes off of them because they are so annoying. Good news, there is a budget friendly solution for that. Vinyl tiles come in a variety of textures and colors to suit all the style needs. They are water resistant, easy to install, and easy to remove. So next time you see ugly floor in an apartment you like, don’t fret, it is a very easy half a day job depending on the size of your kitchen and bathroom

Take a look at this beautiful modern look vinyl peel and stick tiles for your next project

I hope I was able to help some people who live in rental properties with those tips and tricks. If you feel that there is something else I should be talking about in my next blog. Please send me an email on . Don’t forget to follow my newsletter

Stay Happy!

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