How to create a Modern Minimalistic Look

What is minimalistic design and how to achieve it?. How to overcome this urge to fill every space in your home and make it look elegant at the same time?. In this blog we will teach you the fundamental steps to go minimal and create this modern minimal look that every one is looking for 

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1- Less is more 

The first thing you want to think about is getting the staple pieces of furniture you want in your space. Write everything you need in a piece of paper, then start deducting items until you are down to two or three essential pieces. Remember, you can always add more, but it’s hard to have more stuff than go over the returns with the retailers, so GO LESS and choose BARE ESSENTIALS

2- Have a Focal Point:

After you have decided what the essential pieces you need for your space are, think about the focal point. AKA, your show stopper or the first thing you want your guest to see when coming in the room. It needs to look unique, elegant, and functional. Take a look at this beautiful velvet sofa in dark blue from Amazon.

3- Complement :

Complement your essential piece with an accent like this beautiful accent chair in light gray to balance the dark blue of the sofa

4- Don’t forget the curtains.

Somehow, it brings the space together and makes it look elegant, especially if it is in a color that complements the dark blue velvet pallette. Check out these beautiful blackout curtains

5- Get a perfectly sized rug.

A good size rug will define your space and make it look elegant and completed. Nothing screams minimalistic more than a subtle abstract rug with colors that go with our chosen pallette.

6– Coffee table:

Always go for a very simple yet elegant design. REMEMBER, Less is more. Check this nesting table in gold finish

7- Accessorize:

You don’t need tons of accessories in your minimalistic look, just two or three jaw-dropping pieces that will give this perfect subtle finish to your space. Thinks this 2 piece table candle holder/ vase

And to finish up, how about some throw pillows ? Not too many, tho 🙂

Now that you have all the pieces you need for a minimal look, try those steps in other areas of your house like your bedroom and see how much effect it will have on your style

Till the next blog 🙂


You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

Definitely the train so I can enjoy the scenery and the sound of train tracks calms me

The 10 Fail proof Tips for a Family Friendly Home

Family Friendly living room and play space

All the families I have worked with through the years struggle to create a home that is safe for their kids to thrive and yet look aesthetically pleasing. It’s not impossible to achieve that but it needs some advice from the experts. In this guide blog, I will be sharing with you my top 10 fail proof tips to design your home in a way that is family friendly , functional, and beautiful.

Tip #1: Declutter

Office Design

It might be something that feels like a no brainer but lots of families underestimate its power. Decluttering your home and going minimalistic will save families tons of time to focus on their family. Get into the habit of decluttering every room of the house at least every 6 months. Go into one room at a time and don’t go out until you purged everything you don’t need or don’t wear any more to make room for new things in life. Decluttering saves time and energy and it has an amazing calming effect on people. It also makes you feel your space got bigger and kids have more room to run and play.

Tip#2: Open up the floor plan

If you have a smaller home and need to make it feel bigger, consider opening up the kitchen and the living room. Adding an island or peninsula to your kitchen overlooking your living room not only opens up and transforms your space completely, but also gives parents a chance to watch their kids while they play.

Tip#3: Choose a kid friendly Paint

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

It is first thing that comes to homeowners’ minds when designing their house. But it’s always difficult to choose with kids in the house and the fear of it being scratched or stained in a way that will be impossible to clean or maintain. Luckily, paint manufacturers like Sherwin williams and Benjamin more have a line of paint that are kids and family friendly. They have zero VOCs, scratch proof, stain proof, and they come in thousands of colors so that kids can do whatever they want with it and still looks great.

Tip #4: Consider wooden furniture over metal

Beach theme Bedroom

Metals can be loud and cold which is not identical for a more quiet and cozy environment the family is looking for. Wood is environmentally friendly, natural , and can handle dents or colors by developing a beautiful patina to remind you that your kids were thriving at your home

Tip #5: Invest in a stain resistant furniture

Lets’ face it, kids and pets are messy. Families go through two choices when choosing furniture. Either they buy a cover for their furniture, which is not so appealing, or very expensive, or they buy stain protection spray which can contain harmful chemicals and they need at least 72 hours to get absorbed into the fibers after application. So if you are not spraying it and tend to leave the house for the weekend, that would be pretty hard.Good news is, the furniture manufactures developed sturdy furniture that can last +10 years with stain resistant fabric or the option to spray your favourite no resistant fabric with stain resistant spray that is chemical free and hypoallergenic before delivery. Those stain resistant sprays can last as long as the furniture lives so families can rest assured they are covered.

Tip #6: Choose durable materials

Kids Friendly Washroom Design

Ok this is a little bit challenging but I will try to simplify it. Materials like countertops need to be heat resistant and stain resistant like quartz countertops which requires very low maintenance as long as you get it from a well known manufacture. Low pile carpets and rugs are easy to clean and don’t collect too much dirt and dust like high pile. These are the most common examples of durable materials but I am sure you get the idea.

Tip#7: Mix and match Patterns

Sofa with mixed colors and patterns

With kids and pets, I always advise my clients to choose patterns over solid colors. Think of wallpaper, throw cushions and rugs. Patterns can hide stains and dents way better than solid colors.

Tip#8: Designate a kid friendly area

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Kids need to have their own area where they can play all day without the fear of getting hurt. Invest in designating a kids friendly area in your home where they can store their toys and run around. Make it interesting and playful by adding colors and texture . Furniture in this area needs to be minimum to allow them to run and think of soft materials for seating like bean bags and rounded edges for tables and storages for an added safety feature.

Tip #9: Have an seperate adults area

Formal Dining Room with Gold Accent

I always say, if the kids have their area, the adults need to have their area too. Think of a space that you need to have as an adult zone like formal dinning or maybe a basement bar where adults can enjoy their time and take a break. Dress it in a way that feels distinctive from other parts of your house yet have harmony with it.

Tip #10: Use those corners

A reading nook is perfect to fill this empty corner

Ever looked at a certain corner in your house and though” I have no idea what can fit in there”. The answer is simple. Designers agree that best ideas for corners are to transform them either to seating areas or book storage nooks. So next time you look at this empty space, think how would it feel if you created a reading nook to cuddle with your kids and loved ones for those before bed reading times.

To sum up, If you follow all those 10 tips in your home, you will create a haven for your family to thrive in and you will save so much time and energy cleaning or tidying and use it to spend more time with people that matters most. For more tips to make your home your dream home, always seek advice from professionals. It is never a waste of money when you invest it on your happiness and your family’s peace of mind.

5 Essential Interior Design Tips for a cozy bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the whole house. It is the space where you finally relax and collapse after a long day. Lots of my friends ask me “ Can Interior Design of our bedroom affect our mood and give us a better sleep?” my answer is absolutely. With just a few tricks I am about to share with you, you can transfer your bedroom from just a space where you sleep to a space where you rejuvenate and recharge for the next better morning.


Earthy colors like beiges, browns, and Greys are the best when it comes to painting your bedroom. These hues have a very calming effect which allows for a better sleep. To more personalize your bedroom, add an accent color like green or turquoise and decorate behind your bed with canvas or wallpaper.

Layers of linen

Didn’t you always wonder every time you visit a furniture store why the beds look so good that you just want to jump in them and sleep?. It is because the linen on the beds are arranged in a certain way that make the bed look so cozy and comfortable.To achieve this look and feel, when you are making the bed next time, puff the pillows, add shams, fold the duvet and add a throw for more texture and comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns and try different arrangements until you are satisfied.


One of the most things that people tend to overlook when it comes to designing the bedroom is the lighting and light fixtures. Lighting in the bedroom should be warm to allow for relaxation before sleep. Daylight bulbs are intended to make the person alert so a bedroom is not the place for them.

Bedside fixtures shouldn’t be too high or too low. A very tall table lamp will cause glare and a very short one will not provide sufficient light and cause eye stress. To solve this, choose a table side lamp with shade’s bottom aligns with your shoulders when you are sitting on the bed. 


According to sleep scientists all over the world, the darker the room, the faster you will go into deep sleep.. That’s why blackout curtains are the best options for the bedroom and they come in many shapes, colors, and patterns to satisfy every style and budget.

These are some of the essential tips when it comes to designing your bedroom for a restful sleep. Though they might be simple, many people overlook it and think they are not that important. Trust me, they are. Try them now and stay tuned for more tips from ES Interiors.