Reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer

If you are one of the many people who see lots of DIY channels and try to implement them in your home and wonder why this is not working or why my home still doesn’t look like the show home that I always wanted, it might be the perfect time to hire an interior designer. I know lots of people will say ” Interior Designers are expensive”, or ” How hard can it be to pick colors”. Trust me, It is not that easy nor it is as fast as you see happening in DIY channels. So here is why you should hire a designer for your home.

Designers Know your style

With millions of styles out there to choose from, people often get overwhelmed and start to buy whatever pieces they set their eyes on without thinking if they will go with their space or not. Lots of people like way too many styles they don’t even know what is their preferred style any more. An experienced designer can help with that. In the initial consultation, the designer can tell which style that best suits their client personality by asking simple questions and seeing some inspirational photos they like. Some styles can be a combination of two or more styles and the designer knows exactly how to put these different styles together and make them work.

Designers know what materials are best for you

Ever heard people telling you that if you have kids then leather is your only solution for furniture because it is easy to clean? But what if your budget won’t allow it or you simply don’t like leather?. A designer can always find a solution for you. Interior Designers have a lot of knowledge when it comes to materials and can advise on pieces that will best meet your life style, preference and budget. So don’t hesitate to ask your designer for a fabric sofa when you have kids, they know exactly what fabric suits you best.

Designers Can save you money

It is inevitable that you will go overbudget if you designed your house alone. Interior Designers ask for your budget at the initial consultation and they work around it to meet your needs. They will find finishes and materials that will look good, meet your style needs, and won’t break the bank. Also Designers, like contractors, might have access to manufactures’ discounts and can forward some of these discounts to you which can save you tons of money especially on pricy items like cabinets and countertops

Designers do the hard work so you don’t have to

Let’s admit it. people are busy. they don’t have the time or experience to look for hours for the perfect sofa and we end up with the wrong one. I have seen lots of people buy custom made furniture they hated and can’t return it to the store. They end up selling it for less than half price just to get rid of the guilt every time they look at it. Designers can save your time and efforts as they have access to a variety of vendors and know exactly what your space needs so you can spend this valuable time where you need it most.

Designers collaborate with efficient contractors

No more guessing if this handyman will do a good job. Designers have lots of contractors and handymen contacts to get the job done efficiently and on budget. They will look for the perfect quote and the perfect person to do the job on time. Everything will be managed by the designer which will even save more time for you.

Of course these are not the only reasons why home owners should hire an interior designer, but they are the most overwhelming and confusing. Designers not only save your time and budget, they transfer your ” house” to the home of your dreams. A place you can call your own

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